Thick Grip




Bat description from Donnie Ecker, inventor of the Thick Grip Bat and renowned professional hitting coach and baseball biomechanics expert.


The Thick Grip Bat has proven itself as a valuable training device for today's professional baseball player and is a must have training tool for hitters of all ages. For younger hitters, the Thick Grip will teach advanced bat path mechanics while strengthening the big muscle groups responsible for effective hitting. This includes preventing the top hand from taking over the swing. For more advanced hitters, including professionals, the Thick Grip reinforces staying through the plane of all pitch types and shapes. This allows the user to build adaptations that translate to solving problems in the game. Using Thick Grip in training will ultimately get your path ready to keep as many balls on a line as possible when it matters most. PATENT PENDING


Available in Youth (Little League barrel diameter of 2.25") and Adult (Big Barrel) sizes. Youth lengths are available in 28", 29", 30", 31", handle size is 1.75" in diameter. Adult lengths are available in 30", 31", 32", 33", 34", Handle size is 1.75" in diameter for the 30" and 31". Handle size is 1.95" in diameter for the 32", 33", 34" lengths. We also have a one handed version available in both Youth (26" length) and Adult (30" length) models as well. PATENTS PENDING. Accept NO imitations, available ONLY at Vullo Bat company.