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Pictured Left to Right, Kaitlin Vullo (my Daughter), Lori Vullo (my Wife), John Vullo (Owner), Tom Vullo ( my Son)

  sam-vullo-250.jpg   The owner, John Vullo in 1990.   tom-vullo-250.jpg


We believe in providing the highest quality materials and craftsmanship
to each and every bat made. Each bat is hand made from start to
finish by one person, the owner.

Vullo Bat Company is a FAMILY run business. Vullo (pronounced Voo-low) is our last name. Baseball has and will always be our life. I can remember as a young kid watching my dad play every weekend, this brought on a love for the game that pushed me to play in High School and College. After my playing days were over and I had a son of my own, I found my next chapter in baseball, which was coaching. These were some of the best, uh um, and worst times on the field. But it brought memories that I will forever cherish. Once my coaching days were over, I found a void in my life, so that is how Vullo Bat Company started. I wanted to be able to keep making memories, in the form of a bat, to pass on to others. So with every bat we make, I know some one will pick it up, hold it, swing it, and turn a piece of wood into memories for your Family...


Historically all wood baseball bats were made by splitting logs and turning these into round billets. This process gave baseball bats straight grained wood. Hand splitting naturally follows the grain of the wood, resulting in a stronger safer bat.

But with today’s large demand of wood baseball bats, most billet suppliers use saws to cut their logs. Sawing the logs often times cuts across the grain weakening the bat, increasing the chance of bat failure (breaking).

That’s why Vullo Bat Company starts with Hand Split Billets, both in Hard Maple and Ash. Our Billets come from the North Eastern part of the U.S, where the best, strongest wood is grown, and then Split by Hand!


Our Billets are kept in a humidity controlled room to make sure that the Billets do not take on excess moisture and change the characteristics of the wood needed to make a good wood bat.


Each bat comes with CUSTOM engraving of your choice! You can get your NAME, TEAM NAME, NICK NAME, #, or any combination, its all up to YOU! Please try to limit your engraving to 28 characters (engraving starts to look funny when you put too much engraving on the bat).


Your bat comes with a 30 day warranty against breaking if their is a defect in the wood. The 30 day warranty starts from the day you receive your bat in the mail. Customer must ship back the bat (at customers expense) for us to visually inspect and see if there was a defect in the wood. If their was a defect, we will replace your bat once, if their was NO defect then your bat will NOT be replaced. Proper care, handling and use should be exercised to prolong the life of the bat. Bats should be kept indoors when not in use. Keep away from excess moisture. 

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