These bats are our Adult size bats for players 12 years old ( who have swung wood before) and up. We offer a variety of sizes, models, and weights that will fit your needs. Remember that the heavier the bat, the - drop weight, the denser the bat will be, resulting in more pop in your bat, so if you swing a -3 weight, try a -2 weight for a denser bat. All bats will come cupped, Cupping the end of the bat enables us to achieve the weight you ordered, cupping also transfers the weight from the end of the bat down towards your hands.



Looking for a bat with more "pop". The High Density series bats uses a heavier billet starting weight resulting in a bat that is denser and harder, which equals more pop in your bat!

Next to each model you will see a Density rating (from 1-10), this tells you how Dense of a billet it takes to make that model of bat. The Higher the density rating the more dense the bat will be, this results in a bat that will be stronger and harder. Below is each model, and the density rating;

CONTACT HITTER/GAP HITTER - V110 - 6/7, V271 - 8Vc317 - 8/9, Vc815 - 7/8, Vc719 - 8/9, Vc916 -8/9

POWER HITTER - Vc116 - 7/8, Vc218 -7, V243 - 6


This is the shape (profile) of the barrel. Some bats have a LARGER barrel surface area than others, a SLOW TAPER (these usually are END HEAVY bats). Other barrels have a QUICK taper for better control and are less end heavy (usually balanced bats)

SLOW TAPERING BARREL- MODELS Vc116, Vc218, V243, these barrels stay parallel a long time creating a HUGE contact surface area, these are END HEAVY bats

MEDIUM TAPERING BARREL- MODELS V110, Vc317, Vc815, these barrels stay parallel longer before tapering, creating a medium size contact surface area, resulting in a bat that is easy to control

QUICK TAPERING BARRELMODELS V271, Vc719, Vc916, these barrels taper quickly, creating a smaller size contact surface area, resulting in a bat that is easy to control