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Bat description from Donnie Ecker, inventor of the Thick Grip Bat and renowned professional hitting coach and baseball biomechanics expert.


The Thick Grip Bat has proven itself as a valuable training device for today's professional baseball player and is a must have training tool for hitters of all ages. For younger hitters, the Thick Grip will teach advanced bat path mechanics while strengthening the big muscle groups responsible for effective hitting. This includes preventing the top hand from taking over the swing. For more advanced hitters, including professionals, the Thick Grip reinforces staying through the plane of all pitch types and shapes, allowing the user to benefit in game from the training techniques and muscle memory deployed and learned from using the Thick Grip. PATENT PENDING. 



Recommended for players 11 years old and younger. Handle is 1.75" in diameter, barrel is 2.25" in diameter (Standard Little league size), available in ALL black with Gold decal. PATENT PENDING. Accept NO imitations, available ONLY at Vullo Bat Company. Available in 28", 29", 30", 31"



Thick Grip bats come with a standard free 30 day warranty against any defects within your bat. If your bat breaks within 30 days because of a defect within the wood, send it back to us (at customers shipping expense) and we will inspect it for any defects. If their is a defect we will replace your original bat one time. If their is No defect then your bat will not be replaced and we will keep your bat unless you want to pay to have it shipped back. Misuse or neglect voids 30 day warranty.


Purchase the optional 90 day warranty for $35.00 for each bat purchased. If your bat breaks within 90 days we will replace your original bat one time. Customers will need to email us pictures of the broken bat. Customer does NOT need to ship broken bat back to us for inspection with the purchase of the 90 day warranty.  

*** 30 or 90 day warranties start once the customer receives the bat *** 

*** warranties are void if bats are used as a TEAM bat ***

*** bats are considered broken if there is a crack in the handle or barrel is split. Chips in the cup or any chipped paint is NOT considered broken***