Our Process

Vullo Bat at homebase.


Vullo Bat Company believes in Quality not Quantity for success. We are a family run business that makes our Custom bats one at a time, not mass produced.

We start with Select Hand Split Billets to make our bats, in both Ash and Hard Maple. Our Billets come from the North Eastern part of the U.S., where the best wood is grown. Our Billets are Hand Split, which means exactly that, split by hand. This unique process uses a wedge to follow the straight grain in the wood, resulting in a stronger safer bat. Not all billets used for bats are processed this way. Most billets are made with large saws that cut through the straight grain for mass production purposes. 

When our Billets arrive to us, we hand weigh all of our Billets, grade them and then label them for which billet will make the best model. Our Billets are stored in a Humidity controlled room for moisture control. Moisture is a wood bats enemy! So remember to keep your wood bat indoors when not in use and never store your bat in the trunk of a hot car.

Once we begin to make a bat we select the correct Billet weight for that model, we weigh the billet again for accuracy. We look for the end of the Billet that has the straightest grain and put that in the handle. So when you purchase a bat always look for the grain in the handle to make sure it is straight. Once the Billet is turned into a bat we use 5 different grits off sandpaper to sand it down, by hand, to the specifications of the model we are making. During the sanding process we use digital calipers to check to make sure the bat is at the specifications of that particular model. Once off the lathe we BONE rub your bat using hardened steel, this process compresses the grains, resulting in a bat that is Denser and Harder. The ends are cut off and the bat is weighed.

From there the bat will go into our finishing room, where moisture and dust are controlled. We then apply color, the Vullo decal and tape ring, a high gloss top coat that will protect the decal and the finish of the bat. Once the top coat is dried we will weigh the bat again, then cup the end of the bat to fine tune the bat to the correct weight. Cupping is the indention you see at the barrel end of the bat. Cupping also transfers the weight from the barrel down towards your hands. Once cupping is done we weigh the bat again to assure the bat is within weight.

The last step is the Custom engraving and color fill of the engraving. Your Custom bat is now done. Ready for packaging and shipping!

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